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Re: Summary - Broken dependencies in Fedora 7 + Test Updates - 2007-09-04

On Wed, 2007-09-05 at 13:47 -0700, Peter Gordon wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 23:13 +0000, Fedora Extras repoclosure wrote:
> >     peter AT thecodergeek.com
> >         empathy - 0.8-1.fc7.i386    (8 days)
> >         empathy - 0.8-1.fc7.ppc    (8 days)
> >         empathy - 0.8-1.fc7.x86_64    (8 days)
> I don't understand why this is appearing. empathy-0.12-1.fc7 is the most
> recent testing update (FEDORA-2007-1933, Koji build 17458); and that was
> built explicitly against the in-testing telepathy-mission-control
> package (4.24-1.fc7). Is the script merely not catching these?

Have you actually pushed it to Stable?  A quick look at updates system
shows that it's still in testing.

Brian Pepple <bpepple fedoraproject org>

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