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Re: Goal: Increased Modularity?

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> Besides, you said it requires an MTA. Would an effort to add the
>> ability to detect the availability of /sbin/sendmail in the
>> above-mentioned packages and use it if available or speak SMTP over
>> port 25 if not be desirable? Packages like evolution and
>> thunderbird do that and therefore don't "Require: sendmail".
> Mutt isn't going to be able to use smtp.

As of 1.5.15 the world turned inside out and upside down and mutt
grew support for SMTP:


(The temperature in Hades may have even dropped by a few degrees, but
that's not confirmed. :)

> You really do want something local to store messages in case there
> is a temporary problem in sending the mail out. However, you could
> conceivably use mutt just to read email from a remote imap server.
> That is probably not a likely use case though.

Are there a lot of mutt users who aren't capable of doing the needed
configuration to match their setup?  It seems like one package that
could survive without a "hold the users hand" approach to the possible
things it might depend on.  ;-)

As of cvs rev 1.47, mutt.spec no longer requires sendmail.  See:




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