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kickoff - alternative KDE Menu

Hi all,

I've tried to package kickoof, a KDE's menu remplacement (listed on the
KDE SIG wiki page).

The problem is kickoff is not really a new KDE menu, but a patched
So the package will not install new files and give user possibility to
switch from base menu to kickoff, but it will replace numerous kdebase
existing files.

Suse Linux (who develops kickoff) have it integrated directly in kdebase
(so the old KDE menu is not available I guess).

My question is what must I do for this package ?

- I don't think direct integration into kdebase is a such good idea
(since there is no stable release for kickoff), and i'm not able to
patch kdebase package.
- Is there a way to backup existing files, so that base menu will
reappear if kickoff is uninstalled ?
- Or maybe this kind of package could not be build in respect of our


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