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Re: Aggregation upstream projects are BAD (kdesdk for example)

Jon Ciesla wrote:
seth vidal wrote:
On Sat, 2007-09-08 at 15:12 +0200, Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi All,

A college of mine wanted to use umbrello in our Universities labs,
since the
Linux install there are Fedora he asked me about umbrello for Fedora.

Since I could NOT find it, I packaged it, see:

But then I got a comment to the review it was already in Fedora in
kdesdk. But
then why on earth doesn't kdesdk have a Provides umbrello so that yum
umbrello works? Or even better an umbrello sub-package?

File a bug with the maintainer of kdesdk and ask them add provides for
each of the programs that it includes.

Do it for all of the items you think is important. I think that's a fair
thing to do.

I forgot to say in my mail I already did that, see:

But that still doesn't solve the version interlocking of completely

I agree (though I will start the umbrello review, examining all issues but
the kdesdk one, which appear to be slogging out here :) ), but if kdesdk
inclused umbrello, even if it does so along with 45 grintwillion other
applications etc, until they either split out umbrello or include
Provides, would not the umbrello package Conflict, and isn't that a No-No?

I'm all for having it sepearate, don't misunderstand, but don't our
efforts depend somewhat on the actions of the kdesdk maintainer?

Yes they do (depend on the kdesdk maintainer), if I had known in advance that umbrello was already packaged, I wouldn't have started it. So if you could please review one of my packages from the games SIG instead, it will take a while before this gets resolved.



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