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Re: Enhancement proposal for Firefox

On Sun, 9 Sep 2007, Michel Salim wrote:
On 09/09/2007, Adalbert Prokop <adalbert prokop gmx de> wrote:
2. Use alsa-oss to allow Firefox (or its plugins) play sound. AFAIK they
   use OSS now, which will fail in most cases, because /dev/dsp is almost
   constantly in use by arts/esd/whatever.

Last time I tried, on a 64-bit platform you can not use alsa-oss with
32-bit Firefox. Still nice if you happen to be running at the native
wordsize, though.

Last time you tried might have been before I fixed aoss to allow for that. :-) The aoss script first checks if you have the 64-bit library, and by default uses that. *Unless* you incant it with the first argument of "-32", in which case it'll check if you have the 32-bit library, and if so, use it instead (and error out if not, which may be a bit unhelpful if it's initiated by a GUI). If it doesn't detect a 64-bit alsa-oss-libs, it assumes you have the 32-bit ones (as the package containing the script depends on *one* of them). I committed these changes to alsa-oss on February 8th, FWIW, due to BZ#221711 and Jason Tibbitts' recommendations (via IRC). Apparently I may have broken the aoss man page. The script could probably use a -h flag, too. Not sure if it'd be in bad taste to fix those before F8 without an open bug.


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