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Re: Making the xine-lib-extras nondependent on xine-lib-arts?

Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta <at> iki.fi> writes:
> I asked about that a while ago, but Lennart didn't think it's a good idea at 
> the moment so I left it in -extras.
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2007-August/msg01411.html

But he also said he needs to look into it because KDE will probably need 
it. ;-) Indeed, I think Xine should really not only ship the PulseAudio output 
plugin by default, but also default to it (*), if PulseAudio is to be a real 
default. For KDE 3, this will affect at least Amarok and Kaffeine. For KDE 4, 
it will also affect Phonon (phonon-xine is the default/best backend and the one 
included in kdebase-runtime) and thus the KDE 4 versions of essentially all the 
apps which currently use aRts.

(Disclaimer: I have not tested the Xine PulseAudio plugin yet. IMHO, the 
important part there is not "Does the code look good?", but "Does it work 

        Kevin Kofler

(*) It is quite possible/likely we also need to tweak the defaults of the KDE 
apps using Xine there. But this doesn't mean xine-lib itself shouldn't also 
default to it. ;-)

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