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Re: Exclude Requires for some archs

On Di September 11 2007, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> When doing this please also consider Secondary Archs.

I try to consider everything that is properly documented. I do not even know, 
how secondary archs use Fedora, e.g. do they need rebuilds of packages to 
obtain changes or do they use specs directy from the cvs.

> what archs does it make sense to have vbetool on?

I do not know, I guess every arch that supports real-mode video BIOS codes.

Debian provides only packages for i386 and x86_64 according to 
packages.debian.org, so maybe it does not work for other archs. I do not know 
and I do not have the means to test this. In case there is a hidden koji 
setup with secondary arch builders, where I can submit srpms to test whether 
a package compiles, I will send my packages there and add the required 
ExcludeArchs/%ifnarchs where needed.

Btw. if you know more about secondary archs, maybe you want to check, whether 
the requires for radeontool in pm-utils is also a problem.


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