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Re: Licensing: dual licenses - icons

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 12:06 +0200, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
On 9/12/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
If upstream isn't sure about the license of the icons they picked they
should remove and replace them with properly licensed icons, be it LGPL,
GPL or another license. There are many such good icon sets.

Upstream IS SURE about the licenses of the icons see:

As you can see icons are either GPL'd or LGPL'd.

Now, which license is appropriate ? GPLv2, LGPLv2 or GPLv2/LGPLv2 ?

As I can see GPLv2 is more appropriate. Do you second ?
No. Your list mentions some icons to be GPL'ed and some to be LGPL'ed.

I.e. if you want to use them as source files inside of one single
package, GPL (rsp. GPLv2) is the _only_ possibility for this package's

Correct. When you combine packages with more permissive and less permissive copyleft licenses, the license with the least permissions apply to the combination.


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