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Re: Announcing rpmfusion

So if I install MP3 support, I get as dependancies the KDE mp3 plugins and an entire KDE multimedia subsystem, even though I don't use KDE?

This seems to fail to take into account what it is we want to support mp3s, and how we want to do it. On the one hand that seems like more info than the user cares about, but on the other hand, if you end up pulling two desktop environments along with your single codec for dependancies (I've seen a few fedora users who did not realize they had a full KDE install on their system because they installed a few QT-based games).

Bill Crawford wrote:
On 12/09/2007, Jima <jima beer tclug org> wrote:

  Couldn't this be managed by rpmfusion using a comps file, and grouping
various packages with "DVD support," "MP3 support," or whatnot?  `yum
groupinstall "DVD Support"`...

I think that's the best suggestion on how to balance packaging versus
usability, so far ...

>From the UI perspective, many users will indeed want to just say "give
me support for playing MP3" or "I want to watch a DVD now".

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