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Re: koji build failed

On 12/09/2007, subhodip biswas <440volt tux gmail com> wrote:
> hi !
> I am currently using fedora 7 and rpmbuild -ba straw.spec is somehow
> falling through check-buildroot. so cant really notice the problem.
> koji build for --dist-fc7 and both my machine shows a succesful "
> build"

Find the file on your local machine's buildroot that contains the
buildroot path, find out how it gets installed there (there should be
a file in the tarball with a similar name to the file that ends up
installed) and work out how the file ends up containing the buildroot

If nothing works, download an earlier version of the source tarball
and do a recursive diff to see what has changed. If it's an upstream
bug, report it. If not, made any change you need to your packaging

Let me know if you can't figure it out by Friday, I should be able to
help you then.



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