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ZyX Rebootless LiveOS Installer, was Re: Windows based installation of Fedora Linux?

Ago wrote:
Douglas McClendon <dmc.fedora <at> filteredperception.org> writes:

Though given the differences between ubuntu livecd installer, and fedora livecd installer (slow flexible file based copy from squashfs versus fast less-flexible block based copy from squashed ext3 image), there may be other ways (still using the wubi win32 front end) to install. I sortof alluded to them in a recent thread prior to this one. I.e. how my mods to anaconda to support rebootless installation from livecd, could be used for a win32 installer.

I'd be interested to know more about it.

rebootless installer -




as of a couple days ago - (now with GUI and no patch to F7 required)

http://gzyx.org  (screenshots even- ooh! ahh!)

059fbb7736cccc30f23162ee3411c27639e061f7 gzyx-

As it relates to a win32 installer, see my discussion at the beginning of the current thread-


(really the differentiation from current wubi, would be not needing a 2nd reboot. But to do it for ubuntu, you'd have to get them to go back to their early 2005 devicemapper-snapshot copy-on-write livecd mechanism)

Enjoy... ;)


P.S. - I'll try to have a yum repo up soon for the
"ZyX Rebootless Installer" so that anyone who wants to can just boot up the F7 livecd like normal, do a yum install of it, and enjoy the primitive coolness. ;)

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