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Re: Announcing rpmfusion

Kelly Miller wrote:
Is there a way for new packagers to get involved with RPM Fusion?  I have a
set of packages that can't go into Fedora's main repository for various
reasons (emulators, non-free, etc.) and would be willing to maintain the
packages for them.


Yes new packagers are invited to join us, please subscribe to:

And introduce yourself there, the review procedure for rpmfusion will be just like the one for Fedora, except that we won't be using flags (we will probably be using blocker bugs but this still needs to be discussed).

You can file review requests for any packages you have ready for review here:

I just noticed that we currently don't have a package review component, I will ask the bugzilla admin to add one in the mean time just pick any component, we will reassign the bug to to a more appropriate component when that becomes available.



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