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Re: bodhi 0.2.0

Luke Macken wrote:
I'm pleased to announce that bodhi 0.2.0 has been released and deployed[0].
This release has fixed a ton of issues and introduces many new features,
such as:

 • Multi-build updates.  You can add as many builds to a single update as you
   want.  Bodhi will treat it as a single update, but will still send
   individual update notification mails for each build.
 • New homepage widget that allows you to keep up with the happenings inside of
   bodhi.  You can see the latest comments, testing/security/stable updates, and
   keep track of your own business.
 • Enhanced notifications.  If you commented on an update, you'll receive
   notifications when others comment on that update, and when that update is
   modified or changes states.
 • Automatic closing of bugs is now optional.
 • Build-completion improvements.  Package names will be automagically
   completed, and if you type '-' after, it will complete versions as well.
 • Positive/negative comments effect an updates 'karma'.  After an update
   achieves a karma of 3, it will automatically be pushed to the stable updates
   repository.  This will hopefully encourage testers to get involved with the
   updates-testing process a bit more, and will add some automation to the
 • Extended metadata (updateinfo.xml.gz) should start appearing in the repodata,
   which will allow tools like pup and the yum-security plugin to take advantage
   of it and do some nifty stuff.
 • Reminders.  You'll get nagged when your update sits around in testing for too
   long, and so on..

This release introduces many database changes from the previous version, so it
will be much easier to jump back into the release-early-release often cycle.

Soon to come: • bodhi command-line client is almost ready to go. It needs to be polished up
   a bit, but should be released soon.
 • RSS feeds and public details.
 • Better build-completion based on koji tags.
 • More sanity checking (koji buildroot verification, dependency closure, etc)

As one of the long term bodhi complainers, I want to say that this all sounds very good!



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