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Re: [Long] Do we need a font SIG ?

Le Ven 14 septembre 2007 14:05, Nicu Buculei a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>> 3. I don't believe our font selection is optimal for every locale.
>> It
>> took a near-revolt by our Greek users to get their situation fixed
>> in
>> Fedora Core 6, and there are probably many other problem locales,
>> where users just pass on Fedora or bear their pain silently instead
>> of
>> telling us about problems.
> Please note that the fonts wanted by the art team don't need large
> locale coverage,

I believe there are also artists in non-latin countries that'd like to
create logos and other fancy graphics for their language.

Anyway: this was not an argument against packaging fonts with limited
coverage for art reasons (as long as they are not default). This was
an argument to also package fonts art has little interest in.


Nicolas Mailhot

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