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Re: Disable IPv6 by default.

On 14/09/2007, Richi Plana <myfedora richip dhs org> wrote:

> Who's insisting that IPv6 be disabled in anyone else's system aside from
> their own? If you noticed, the only time it was SUGGESTED that IPv6 be
> disabled after installation was the first poster. Everyone else after
> that was simply asking to make it easier for THEM to disable IPv6 on
> their systems.

Well, that seemed to be the general tone (disable *by default*). But I
forgot the winky, sorry.

> Anyway, I'm working on adding such an option to s-c-n. I just needed the
> Fedora-sanctioned way of disabling it. So far, it seems to be a
> combination of adding a modprobe entry and
> modifying /etc/sysconfig/network, but no one really seems sure.

Adding an option to disable it would be good. I'd use it myself, until
IPv6 is actually supported by the network I'm on (it isn't). I just
wouldn't have argued for "by default" by any means. If it's enabled,
then when ISPs (and hardware, corporate networks ...) actually support
it en masse, Fedora installs are, well, ready. :)

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