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SELinux for BackupPC


I'm currently re-packaging BackupPC[1], a perl backup software server.

As BackupPC need to use, for example, rsync or tar to backup itself,
wich cause SELinux denies. There also is a CGI interface to manage
backups/restore and config.

As I'm not at all a SELinux guru, I've used 'audit2allow' to create a
selinux policy module included in my specfile, but I don't know if this
is the good way, and even if my policy module should causes issues...

I'd like you to have advices related to SELinux integration in this RPM
file. I'll put online actual policy file[2], as I use it in the specfile[3]
I'd also like opinions on the best way to include an SELinux policy for
this software.


[1] http://backuppc.sourceforge.net
[2] http://odysseus.x-tnd.be/fedora/backuppc/BackupPC.te
[3] http://odysseus.x-tnd.be/fedora/backuppc/BackupPC.spec

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