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Re: F6->F7 upgrade dependency errors

Gerry Reno wrote:
Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:
On Sunday, 16 September 2007 at 10:16, Ville Skyttä wrote:
On Sunday 16 September 2007, Gerry Reno wrote:

And it looks like libgcj.so.8rh is only in libgcj-4.1.2-12 and this
machine has libgcj-4.1.2-13-fc6 installed.  So is that a downgrade????
Yes. Looks like libgcj-4.1.2-18.fc7 which would fix the versioning problem is in the updates/testing/7 repository, it might not hurt to ask its maintainer what's up.

The maintainer has been aware of this for a few weeks now. See bug 251035:


Ok, the following workaround gets past the libgcj dependency problem:

# yum update libgcj --enablerepo=updates-testing


Dependencies Resolved

Package Arch Version Repository Size
libgcj i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 19 M
Updating for dependencies:
cairo-java i386 1.0.5-7.fc7 fedora 134 k cpp i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 2.7 M frysk i686 fedora 12 M gcc i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 5.2 M gcc-c++ i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 3.4 M gcc-gfortran i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 3.1 M gcc-gnat i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 11 M gcc-java i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 2.7 M gcc-objc i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 2.5 M glib-java i386 0.2.6-8.fc7 fedora 41 k libgcc i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 90 k libgcj-devel i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 1.5 M libgcj-src i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 12 M libgconf-java i386 2.12.4-8.fc7 fedora 72 k libgfortran i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 228 k libglade-java i386 2.12.5-6.fc7 fedora 78 k libgnat i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 985 k libgnome-java i386 2.12.4-6.fc7 fedora 328 k libgomp i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 79 k libgtk-java i386 2.8.7-4.fc7 fedora 2.1 M libobjc i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 98 k libstdc++ i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 357 k libstdc++-devel i386 4.1.2-18.fc7 updates-testing 2.9 M libvte-java i386 0.12.1-7.fc7 fedora 71 k

Transaction Summary
Install 0 Package(s) Update 25 Package(s) Remove 0 Package(s)

However, I still have the libsnmp problem:

# yum whatprovides libsnmp.so.10
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Importing additional filelist information

net-snmp-libs.i386 1:5.3.1-15.fc6 installed Matched from:

What can I do about this?

# yum list freeradius
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Excluding Packages from Livna for Fedora Core 7 - i386 - Base
Installed Packages
freeradius.i386 1.1.7-2.fc6 installed Available Packages freeradius.i386 1.1.6-2.fc7 updates
# yum list freeradius --enablerepo=updates-testing
Loading "installonlyn" plugin
Setting up repositories
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Excluding Packages from Livna for Fedora Core 7 - i386 - Base
Installed Packages
freeradius.i386 1.1.7-2.fc6 installed Available Packages freeradius.i386 1.1.7-2.fc7 updates-testing

# yum update freeradius --enablerepo=updates-testing


Dependencies Resolved

Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
compat-db               i386       4.3.29-2.fc7     fedora            1.9 M
    replacing  db4-devel.i386 4.3.29-9.fc6

java-1.5.0-gcj-devel    i386   fedora             43 k
    replacing  java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-devel.i386

nautilus-sendto         i386       0.10-4.fc7       fedora             80 k
    replacing  nautilus-sendto-bluetooth.i386 0.7-5.fc6

postgresql-pltcl        i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates            30 k
    replacing  postgresql-pl.i386 8.1.9-1.fc6

freeradius              i386       1.1.7-2.fc7      updates-testing   1.2 M
Installing for dependencies:
akode                   i386       2.0.1-6.fc7      fedora            100 k
akode-pulseaudio        i386       2.0.1-6.fc7      fedora            7.6 k
checkpolicy             i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      updates           256 k
dbus-qt                 i386       0.70-1.fc7       fedora             33 k
dnsmasq                 i386       2.38-1.fc7       fedora            147 k
enchant                 i386       1:1.3.0-1.fc6    fedora            128 k
fast-user-switch-applet i386 2.17.4-4.fc7 fedora 640 k
glib                    i386       1:1.2.10-26.fc7  fedora            138 k
gnucash-docs            noarch     2.2.0-1.fc7      updates           9.4 M
gnutls-devel            i386       1.4.5-2.fc7      fedora            920 k
goffice04               i386       0.4.2-1.fc7      updates           1.5 M
gtk+                    i386       1:1.2.10-57.fc7  fedora            923 k
hunspell                i386       1.1.5-2.fc7      fedora            145 k
hunspell-en noarch 0.20040623-1.fc7 fedora 499 k
java-1.5.0-gcj          i386   fedora            104 k
kdebindings-dcopperl    i386       3.5.7-1.fc7.1    updates            43 k
kdemultimedia-extras    i386       6:3.5.7-2.fc7    updates           3.4 M
kdeutils-extras         i386       6:3.5.7-1.fc7.1  updates           950 k
libcdio                 i386       0.78.2-2.fc7     updates           268 k
libgnomekbd             i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             79 k
libmodplug              i386       1:0.8.4-1.fc7    fedora            170 k
libsamplerate           i386       0.1.2-6.fc6      fedora            153 k
libsexy                 i386       0.1.11-1.fc7     fedora             42 k
libshout                i386       2.2.2-1.fc6      fedora             43 k
libsndfile              i386       1.0.17-1.fc6     fedora            230 k
libsoup-devel           i386       2.2.100-1.fc7    fedora            126 k
perl-CPAN               i386       1.76_02-23.fc7   updates           127 k
perl-ExtUtils-Embed     i386       1.26-23.fc7      updates            33 k
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker i386 6.30-23.fc7 updates 292 k
perl-Finance-Quote      noarch     1.13-1.fc7       fedora            189 k
perl-HTML-TableExtract  noarch     2.10-1.fc7       fedora             32 k
perl-Test-Harness       i386       2.56-23.fc7      updates            77 k
perl-Test-Simple        i386       0.62-23.fc7      updates           108 k
perl-devel              i386       4:5.8.8-23.fc7   updates           388 k
perl-libs               i386       4:5.8.8-23.fc7   updates           573 k
pulseaudio-lib          i386       0.9.6-2.fc7      updates           122 k
python-libs             i386       2.5-12.fc7       fedora            568 k
qbanking                i386       2.3.2-1.fc7      updates           744 k
sinjdoc                 i386       0.5-4.fc7        fedora            822 k
taglib                  i386       1.4-5.fc7        fedora            142 k
wavpack                 i386       4.41-1.fc7       fedora            120 k
xine-lib                i386       1.1.7-1.fc7      updates           2.5 M
xmms-libs               i386       1:1.2.10-36.fc7  fedora            243 k
Updating for dependencies:
MySQL-python            i386       1.2.2-3.fc7      updates            88 k
PyQt                    i386       3.17.1-1.fc7     fedora            2.0 M
PyQt-devel              i386       3.17.1-1.fc7     fedora            221 k
PyXML                   i386       0.8.4-6          fedora            1.2 M
alacarte                noarch     0.11.3-3.fc7     fedora            141 k
alchemist               i386       1.0.37-1         fedora            115 k
apr-util                i386       1.2.8-7          fedora             77 k
aqbanking               i386       2.3.2-1.fc7      updates           3.0 M
audit                   i386       1.5.6-2.fc7      updates           247 k
audit-libs              i386       1.5.6-2.fc7      updates            64 k
audit-libs-python       i386       1.5.6-2.fc7      updates            72 k
authconfig              i386       5.3.15-1.fc7     updates           392 k
authconfig-gtk          i386       5.3.15-1.fc7     updates            44 k
avahi                   i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora            252 k
avahi-compat-howl       i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             29 k
avahi-devel             i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             39 k
avahi-glib              i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             14 k
avahi-qt3               i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             17 k
avahi-tools             i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             60 k
bug-buddy               i386       1:2.18.0-2.fc7   fedora            443 k
control-center          i386       1:2.18.0-20.fc7  updates           2.8 M
cracklib                i386       2.8.9-10         fedora             46 k
curl                    i386       7.16.2-1.fc7     fedora            256 k
curl-devel              i386       7.16.2-1.fc7     fedora            189 k
db4                     i386       4.5.20-5.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
dbus-python             i386       0.82.0-2.fc7     updates-testing   199 k
desktop-file-utils      i386       0.12-4.fc7       fedora             51 k
dovecot                 i386       1.0.3-14.fc7     updates           1.7 M
ekiga                   i386       2.0.9-1.fc7      fedora            6.6 M
evolution               i386       2.10.3-4.fc7     updates            37 M
evolution-connector     i386       2.10.3-1.fc7     updates           643 k
evolution-data-server   i386   updates           3.6 M
evolution-data-server-devel i386 updates 603 k
evolution-sharp         i386       0.12.2-2.fc7     fedora            117 k
evolution-webcal        i386       2.10.0-1.fc7     fedora             93 k
flac                    i386       1.1.4-4.fc7      fedora            343 k
gnome-applets           i386       1:2.18.0-7.fc7   fedora             10 M
gnome-bluetooth         i386       0.9.1-1.fc7      updates           264 k
gnome-bluetooth-libs    i386       0.9.1-1.fc7      updates            52 k
gnome-desktop           i386       2.18.3-1.fc7     updates           890 k
gnome-desktop-devel     i386       2.18.3-1.fc7     updates            36 k
gnome-menus             i386       2.19.4-2.fc7     updates           179 k
gnome-panel             i386       2.18.3-1.fc7     updates           3.4 M
gnome-panel-devel       i386       2.18.3-1.fc7     updates            56 k
gnome-pilot             i386       2.0.15-5.fc7     fedora            599 k
gnome-python2           i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora            129 k
gnome-python2-applet    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             13 k
gnome-python2-bonobo    i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             65 k
gnome-python2-canvas    i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             26 k
gnome-python2-desktop   i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             46 k
gnome-python2-extras    i386       2.14.3-4.fc7     updates            25 k
gnome-python2-gconf     i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             34 k
gnome-python2-gnomekeyring i386 2.18.0-1.fc7 fedora 18 k gnome-python2-gnomeprint i386 2.18.0-1.fc7 fedora 78 k
gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             65 k
gnome-python2-gtksourceview i386 2.18.0-1.fc7 fedora 58 k
gnome-python2-libegg    i386       2.14.3-4.fc7     updates            54 k
gnucash                 i386       2.2.1-2.fc7      updates           5.6 M
gnupg                   i386       1.4.7-6          fedora            1.9 M
gnutls                  i386       1.4.5-2.fc7      fedora            372 k
gnutls-utils            i386       1.4.5-2.fc7      fedora            115 k
gstreamer-plugins-good  i386       0.10.6-1.fc7     updates           827 k
gtkhtml3                i386       3.14.3-1.fc7     updates           920 k
gucharmap               i386       1.10.0-1.fc7     fedora            2.5 M
hpijs                   i386       1:1.7.4a-4.fc7   updates           294 k
hplip                   i386       1.7.4a-4.fc7     updates           9.8 M
httpd                   i386       2.2.4-4.1.fc7    updates           987 k
httpd-manual            i386       2.2.4-4.1.fc7    updates           833 k
iproute                 i386       2.6.20-2.fc7     fedora            812 k
isdn4k-utils            i386       3.2-54.fc7       fedora            3.9 M
jpilot                  i386       0.99.9-3.fc7     fedora            975 k
k3b                     i386       1.0.3-2.fc7      updates            13 M
kbd                     i386       1.12-22.fc7      updates           1.0 M
kdeaddons               i386       3.5.7-1.fc7      updates           2.6 M
kdebindings             i386       3.5.7-1.fc7.1    updates           5.7 M
kdeedu                  i386       3.5.7-1.fc7      updates            31 M
kdemultimedia           i386       6:3.5.7-2.fc7    updates           5.0 M
kdesdk                  i386       3.5.7-7.fc7      updates           6.8 M
kdeutils                i386       6:3.5.7-1.fc7.1  updates           2.9 M
kdeutils-devel          i386       6:3.5.7-1.fc7.1  updates            29 k
kdevelop                i386       9:3.4.1-1.fc7    updates            16 M
kudzu                   i386       updates           223 k
libbtctl                i386       0.9.0-1.fc7      updates            43 k
libdbi-dbd-mysql        i386       0.8.1a-2.fc7     fedora             17 k
libdbi-dbd-pgsql        i386       0.8.1a-2.fc7     fedora             21 k
libdbi-drivers          i386       0.8.1a-2.fc7     fedora             14 k
libpcap                 i386       14:0.9.7-1.fc7   updates           102 k
libpurple               i386       2.1.1-1.fc7      updates           6.6 M
libsane-hpaio           i386       1.7.4a-4.fc7     updates            63 k
libselinux              i386       2.0.14-4.fc7     updates            98 k
libselinux-devel        i386       2.0.14-4.fc7     updates           139 k
libselinux-python       i386       2.0.14-4.fc7     updates            60 k
libsemanage             i386       2.0.3-4.fc7      updates           137 k
libsepol                i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            130 k
libsepol-devel          i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            190 k
libsoup                 i386       2.2.100-1.fc7    fedora            150 k
libuser                 i386       0.56.2-1         fedora            437 k
libuser-devel           i386       0.56.2-1         fedora             54 k
libvirt                 i386       0.3.2-1.fc7      updates           820 k
libvirt-python          i386       0.3.2-1.fc7      updates            69 k
libxml2-python          i386       2.6.29-1.fc7     updates           702 k
libxslt-python          i386       1.1.21-1.fc7     updates           150 k
livna-config-display    noarch     0.0.17-1.lvn7    livna              58 k
mod_auth_pgsql          i386       2.0.3-3          fedora             22 k
mod_perl                i386       2.0.3-9.1.fc7    updates           3.8 M
mod_python              i386       3.3.1-3          fedora            334 k
mod_ssl                 i386       1:2.2.4-4.1.fc7  updates            85 k
mx                      i386       2.0.6-3          fedora            4.5 M
ncurses i386 5.6-6.20070303.fc7 fedora 1.0 M ncurses-devel i386 5.6-6.20070303.fc7 fedora 642 k
net-snmp                i386       1:5.4-14.fc7     updates           727 k
net-snmp-libs           i386       1:5.4-14.fc7     updates           1.1 M
net-snmp-utils          i386       1:5.4-14.fc7     updates           185 k
netatalk                i386       4:2.0.3-9.fc7    fedora            1.3 M
newt                    i386       0.52.7-1.fc7     updates           131 k
newt-devel              i386       0.52.7-1.fc7     updates            40 k
notify-python           i386       0.1.0-4.fc7      fedora             12 k
nss_ldap                i386       257-3.fc7        updates-testing   148 k
opal                    i386       2.2.8-5.fc7      updates           2.9 M
openoffice.org-base i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 884 k openoffice.org-calc i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 6.9 M openoffice.org-core i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 74 M openoffice.org-draw i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 1.1 M openoffice.org-emailmerge i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 75 k openoffice.org-graphicfilter i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 197 k openoffice.org-impress i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 1.6 M openoffice.org-javafilter i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 160 k openoffice.org-math i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 1.3 M openoffice.org-pyuno i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 191 k openoffice.org-testtools i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 413 k openoffice.org-writer i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 2.9 M openoffice.org-xsltfilter i386 1:2.2.1-18.1.fc7 updates-testing 109 k
orca                    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            1.4 M
pam i386 updates 1.0 M pam-devel i386 updates 188 k
pam_ccreds              i386       4-2.fc7          fedora             19 k
perl                    i386       4:5.8.8-23.fc7   updates            10 M
perl-DBD-Pg             i386       1.49-3.fc7       fedora            114 k
php                     i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing   1.3 M
php-cli                 i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing   2.5 M
php-common              i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing   218 k
php-ldap                i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing    29 k
php-mbstring            i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing   1.0 M
php-mysql               i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing    79 k
php-odbc                i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing    46 k
php-pdo                 i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing    58 k
php-pgsql               i386       5.2.3-1.fc7      updates-testing    63 k
pidgin                  i386       2.1.1-1.fc7      updates           1.1 M
pilot-link              i386       2:0.12.2-4.fc7   updates           561 k
pilot-link-devel        i386       2:0.12.2-4.fc7   updates           169 k
pirut                   noarch     1.3.9-1.fc7      updates           285 k
planner                 i386       0.14.2-4.fc7     fedora            3.5 M
policycoreutils         i386       2.0.16-11.fc7    updates           617 k
postfix                 i386       2:2.4.3-2.fc7    updates           3.7 M
postgresql              i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           3.0 M
postgresql-contrib      i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           511 k
postgresql-docs         i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           6.2 M
postgresql-libs         i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           197 k
postgresql-odbc i386 08.01.0200-4.fc7 fedora 202 k
postgresql-python       i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates            66 k
postgresql-server       i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           4.2 M
postgresql-tcl          i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates            86 k
postgresql-test         i386       8.2.4-1.fc7      updates           1.2 M
ppp                     i386       2.4.4-2          fedora            383 k
pwlib                   i386       1.10.7-1.fc7     fedora            823 k
pycairo                 i386       1.4.0-1.fc7      fedora             71 k
pycairo-devel           i386       1.4.0-1.fc7      fedora            5.9 k
pygobject2              i386       2.12.3-3.fc7     fedora             98 k
pygtk2                  i386       2.10.6-1.fc7     updates           1.1 M
pygtk2-codegen          i386       2.10.6-1.fc7     updates           166 k
pygtk2-devel            i386       2.10.6-1.fc7     updates           1.1 M
pygtk2-libglade         i386       2.10.6-1.fc7     updates            18 k
pykickstart             noarch     1.1.1-1.fc7      updates           182 k
pyorbit                 i386       2.14.2-2.fc7     fedora             48 k
python                  i386       2.5-12.fc7       fedora            5.5 M
python-devel            i386       2.5-12.fc7       fedora            3.5 M
python-ldap             i386       2.3-1.fc7        updates           127 k
python-numeric          i386       24.2-4.fc7       fedora            771 k
python-urlgrabber       noarch     2.9.9-5.fc7      fedora            122 k
python-virtinst         noarch     0.200.0-3.fc7    updates-testing   105 k
pyxf86config            i386       0.3.33-1.fc7     fedora             66 k
redhat-menus            noarch     8.9.10-3.fc7     updates           204 k
rhpl                    i386       0.208-1          fedora            244 k
rhpxl                   i386       0.47-1.fc7       fedora            106 k
rhythmbox               i386       0.10.1-1.fc7     updates           4.1 M
rpm                     i386    updates           1.1 M
rpm-build               i386    updates           661 k
rpm-devel               i386    updates           5.4 M
rpm-libs                i386    updates           930 k
rpm-python              i386    updates            56 k
ruby                    i386   updates           520 k
ruby-devel              i386   updates           559 k
ruby-libs               i386   updates           1.7 M
sendmail                i386       8.14.1-4.1.fc7   updates-testing   832 k
sendmail-cf             i386       8.14.1-4.1.fc7   updates-testing   311 k
sip                     i386       4.6-1.fc7        fedora            234 k
sip-devel               i386       4.6-1.fc7        fedora             16 k
subversion              i386       1.4.3-4          fedora            2.3 M
system-config-printer   i386   updates           175 k
system-config-printer-libs i386 updates 341 k
vim-X11                 i386       2:7.1.12-1.fc7   updates           1.0 M
vim-common              i386       2:7.1.12-1.fc7   updates           6.6 M
vim-enhanced            i386       2:7.1.12-1.fc7   updates           868 k
virt-manager            i386       0.4.0-2.fc7      fedora            1.3 M
vorbis-tools i386 1:1.1.1.svn20070412-2.fc7 fedora 190 k
vte                     i386       0.16.8-1.fc7     updates           483 k
webalizer               i386       2.01_10-32       fedora            106 k
wireshark               i386       0.99.6-1.fc7     updates           9.0 M
wireshark-gnome         i386       0.99.6-1.fc7     updates           572 k
xchat                   i386       1:2.8.4-2.fc7    updates           1.3 M
xen                     i386       3.1.0-2.fc7      updates           2.2 M
xen-libs                i386       3.1.0-2.fc7      updates           132 k
yum                     noarch     3.2.5-1.fc7      updates-testing   543 k
yum-metadata-parser     i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             25 k
yum-updatesd            noarch     3.2.5-1.fc7      updates-testing    23 k

Transaction Summary
Install 47 Package(s) Update 216 Package(s) Remove 0 Package(s)
Total download size: 441 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

I don't know about this one. It brings in a lot of updates-testing packages.

Would this be safe to do?

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