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Re: Can Name=GenericName go away now, please?

Colin Walters wrote:

> On 9/17/07, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
>> I posted similarly to fedora-desktop list, but I thought it may be worth
>> spreading this discussion to a wider audience.
>> In particular, can we/fedora consider using better menu names now, so
>> users know which apps are really behind some generic (and mysterious?)
>> items in menus(1).
> The last discussion on this was here:
> http://marc.info/?l=fedora-desktop-list&m=118530967420021&w=2
> Owen's suggested solution was:
> "OK, back to the present: My advise for the X-Chat is to make it match how
> we do a lot of other .desktop files now: do "X-Chat IRC Client" like
> "Firefox Web Browser"
> and so forth."

I can live with that compromise (which is certainly better than the status
quo).  I'm wondering why maintainers of affected packages didn't follow the
suggestion, but maybe not everybody had followed the discussion close

I'll get to work filing bugs against affected packages.

-- Rex

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