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Is xulrunner going to remove firefox in tomorrow's rawhide?


I noticed, xulrunner was successfully built for devel (finally), but I
see there one issue - it obsoletes firefox < 2.1 but it does not supply
it's functionality (unless you use only the libraries, like in epiphany,
liferea, etc.). If I understand it correctly it means that tomorrow's
rawhide will have a lot of dependency problems (new gecko-libs and
removal of firefox) and on systems that don't have any packages
dependent on firefox or gecko-libs even a removal of firefox. This isn't
intended, is it? Or do you have already prepared firefox 3 (still alpha)
for rawhide? An easy solution to this, IMHO, would be removal of the
obsolete from xulrunner and removal of the gre(64).conf file from
firefox package (it clashes with xulrunner's).


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