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Re: Root login in rawhide and display managers

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:

Creating a normal user is not mandatory in anaconda (as it should be).

Maybe anaconda should only enable the option if no normal users were creating during installation ? The idea here is to avoid a scenario where after a successful X installation you just can't login into the system!

There was some discussions in fedora-desktop list into moving this option away from first boot into Anaconda itself so that this would be mandatory. This is indeed a good thing to do in this instance. Do file a RFE in Anaconda. The idea was to entirely get rid of first boot if possible in the desktop spin.

User should be able to turn on/off/enable/disable services ( the service's that aren't the mandatory one's ) in Anaconda If I like/dislike some service being started after installation I could enable/disable those service's during the installation *faze* be it firstboot, cups, bluetooth, hplip,ip6tables etc.

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