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Re: man page symlinks on symlinked binary

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On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 21:44:16 +0300
Ville Skyttä <ville skytta iki fi> wrote:

> On Wednesday 19 September 2007, Martin Marques wrote:
> > The thing is that the discussion started flipping towards why, if
> > there is a binary symlink, there isn't a man page symlink? This
> > could, in the case of cdrecord and wodim, or mkisofs and genisofs,
> > end in bugtrack tickets for those packages, but I am more
> > interested in a general solution, for all packages that have binary
> > symlinks.
> >
> > So, shouldn't there be something in respect of this issue in the
> > packaging policy?
> I support that (or the more or less AFAIK equivalent 'echo ".so
> man1/wodim.1" 
> > cdrecord.1' approach as an alternative to symlinks).  Could you
> > write a 
> draft for that?  I can take it onwards from there in the packaging
> committee.

I would suggest creating a cdrecord(1) man page that says "This is no more.  See wodim(1), which replaces it."  Put that cdrecord(1) man page into the wodim package.  This way, we teach people that there's been a change and we don't get "Um, when I type 'man cdrecord' I get a man page for something totally different; what gives?" kinds of questions/bug reports/requests.

Of course, adjust the verbage appropriately in the "this command went bye-bye" man pages.
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