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Re: man page symlinks on symlinked binary

Lamont Peterson escribió:

My suggestion was to not create a symlink to, or a copy of, the wodim(1) man page in order to make "man cdrecord" work again, but to instead create a bona-fide cdrecord(1) man page with content such as "This isn't the command you want, anymore.  You now want wodim(1)".

Let's see if I can get my ideas out. :-)

There is no cdrecord, and won't be any in future versions of Fedora. What there is is a symlink to wodim, just because wodim is a fork of cdrecord.

If I do man cdrecord and end up seeing the wodim man page, I would first nod my head, and then say "what's this wodim?" (maybe even ask a fellow linux friend) and then read the man.

To end this: why create a man page for something that doesn't exist, and maybe in a future version of fedora not even the symlink will be left (maybe yes, maybe not).

My opinion, link the manuals, and the info pages if they exist.

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