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Re: man page symlinks on symlinked binary

Lamont Peterson wrote:
> My suggestion was to not create a symlink to, or a copy of, the
> wodim(1) man page in order to make "man cdrecord" work again, but to
> instead create a bona-fide cdrecord(1) man page with content such as
> "This isn't the command you want, anymore.  You now want wodim(1)".

Unless there is a good reason to remove the cdrecord (and other old
command name) symlinks, I would hope that they stick around.  The name
wodim (and the other new command names) is not nearly as useful as the
more generic cdrecord is.

It's also my opinion that the man pages should remain available under
the old (sane) names as well.  Whether that's via a symlink or ".so
man1/wodim.1" isn't terribly important to me.  If there's a compelling
reason to prefer one over the other, then let that be suggested in
whatever packaging guidelines may arise from this discussion.

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