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Re: Root login in rawhide and display managers

Patrice Dumas wrote:
On Thu, Sep 20, 2007 at 07:23:11PM +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
These two are very significant technical differences.

Indeed, but do they get into line with respect with non root/root login
in dm issue?

Nope but Ralf claimed that there are no significant technical differences at all which is something I disagreed with. Besides the kind of customers you target a commercial product with is not merely a matter of technical differences. For various reasons, these distributions play different roles.

Majority of updates are backported patches to maintain ABI compatibility.

Ok, still the lifetime difference.

I am not sure what you mean here. A distribution life cycle is not tied to ABI compatibility.

I don't know exactly because I had no contact with the RHEL people in
charge of openmotif, but it is not completly clear that RHEL 6 will use
lesstif. As always I would apreciate more info on that, but...

I believe these sort of changes are discussed only closer to the release but you can ask Daniel Riek, riek AT redhat.com if this is something that you need to know urgently.


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