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Problems about xulrunner


I have 3 questions

1. I want to rebuild chmsee against xulrunner, but to compile chmsee,
in its configure script, it looks for xulrunner-gtkmozembed.pc. I
don't know how to handle this. Only 3 .pc files are provided with
xulrunner-devel (-js, -plugin, -xpcom). Any transition guide?

2. I downloaded chatzilla.zip from
http://chatzilla.rdmsoft.com/xulrunner/ and have to install it in the
following steps:
* su - root
* run xulrunner --register-global   <= why not do it in RPM spec?
* run xulrunner --install-app chatzilla.zip, then
* goto /usr/lib/chatzilla and change files and directories'
permissions, because original permissions are all 0400.      <= isn't
xulrunner supposed to install them properly?
* run chatzilla, quit it, then copy
~/.mozilla/firefox/__.profile/prefs.js to ~/.chatzilla/__.profile/,
overwrite existing one.    <= Since firefox has been removed, I cannot
export settings easily.

3. when using chatzilla, the font selection strategy seems to have
something wrong. The chinese comma is displayed as "FF0C" if it is
used after latin alnums.

bbbush ^_^

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