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Proposed changes to F8 Freeze Process

September 20th, 2007 Fedora Engineering Steering Committee ratified
these changes to the final F8 freeze process.

1) CHANGE: At F8 Development freeze currently scheduled for October 4th,
the tree will be unlocked for new builds to be automatically tagged into
dist-f8.  We will be treating this as an "honor system" freeze, where
participants are expected to commit only bug fixes and NOT threaten the
release with new features or risky changes.

The purpose of this new "freeze" policy is an experiment to smoothen the
process of getting last-minute fixes in F8 without creating a large
workload on rel-eng.  This should reduce confusion of built but not
tagged packages like during past freezes.  HOWEVER, peer policing of
proper adherence to freeze guidelines is essential.

We will be advertising loudly expectations of package maintainers of
acceptable changes during the freeze period.

2) REMINDER: If you screw up and add something to F8 that shouldn't be
(horribly broken new version, ABI change, so-name bump, new features,
etc.) we will NOT roll-back your build if it has already hit a daily
rawhide push.  Your only option to recover from this mistake will be to
increase the version number or Epoch.

3) CHANGE: Prior to Final Freeze (October 17th) devel/ CVS branch will
build into dist-f8.  Some package maintainers will want to begin
building packages with risky changes (ABI, new features, etc.) in
preparation for F9.  At their option they may request per-package CVS
branch to F-8/ so they may do so without risking F-8 stability.  Then
devel/ can be used to target dist-f9.

4) CHANGE: Due to the definition of "Development freeze" changing, we
are moving up the Final freeze date a week to October 17th.  At this
point builds will no longer be automatically tagged dist-f8 and will
require rel-eng approval to be included in the F8 release.  All
remaining devel/ will be branched to F-8/, and devel/ will target builds
to dist-f9.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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