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xulrunner(-devel) file provides (.pc and .so files)


As was already noted in this list, current xulrunner-devel package miss
some of the *.pc files firefox-devel package had. I played with it a
little about a week ago and it seems that slight modification of the
analogical files from firefox-devel package might solve the issue,
unless the stuff that is being linked through this is broken, in which
case it would help discover bugs, when apps building against it fails.
Any thoughts?

Another issue is rather a request. Could you symlink the xulrunner
shared libraries into the /usr/lib folder and run ldconfig there? It
would ease a lot the maintenance of packages that are built against it
(which currently needs rebuild every time the xulrunner/firefox version
changes, in vast majority of cases only because it changes location...).
The files I have in mind are libmozjs.so, libsqlite3.so libxpcom.so and
libxul.so. Comments?


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