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Re: Root login in rawhide and display managers

David Boles wrote:
on 9/20/2007 3:11 AM, Rudolf Kastl wrote:
2007/9/20, David Boles <dgboles gmail com>:
on 9/19/2007 6:09 PM, � wrote:

Well as soon as Linux can play Oblivion, Solder of Fortune, Half-Life, and
the so many other Windows games you will get a *lot* of 'new Linux users'
from Windows. Just as ignorant as you are looking for here.
well please do your homework:


sof even has a native linux port.

Rudolf Kastl

You should have looked a little harder before you jumped to defend Windows
games for Linux.  ;-)

I mentioned those games only because they came to mind late at night.
Those are all old, by gaming standards very old, games. SOF is from 2000
for example and basically abandoned. It will run because it is OpenGL and
could be ported. Oblivion and Half-Life are written 'in' DirectX. Those
would not, and many others I would think, run in Wine. Ever. Nor will they
run in VMware.

Half-Life (and friends) has an OpenGL renderer and has worked for ages in Linux using wine. Half-Life 2 and Oblivion are DirectX only but do work somewhat in wine (have some rendering glitches, water reflections can be odd, performance is decreased).

Both run very well in Cedega, including copy protection. As do a slew of other modern games. It still isn't at the point where you can grab any game off the shelf and have it work but I've got a large stack of games that say you're wrong that DirectX games will never, ever be playable on Linux.


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