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Re: hpet timer patch for powertop

actually I'm still on FC6, and I'm using i686 CPU. The kernel is from tuxonice (suspend2) which is basically the same fedora kernel with suspend2 patches. Anyway, I thought all .22 kernels had tickless, dont they.
If all of this + hpet patches will be in fedora8, I will be a happy fedorian ;)

On 9/22/07, Josh Boyer < jwboyer jdub homelinux org> wrote:
On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 15:04:07 +0200
"Ahmed Kamal" < email ahmedkamal googlemail com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just tried powertop (amazing tool), however I was shocked that around 70%
> of my laptop's wake ups are from
> "  67.5% (756.5)       <interrupt> : extra timer interrupt"
> Google told me, I am not running tickless (although, my kernel is
> and the chipset on my toshiba A105
> satellite laptop seem to be ICH6 Family. Do I need that patch that forces
> enabling hpet timers?! If so, is there any (un)official fedora kernel that
> includes the patch, as I don't like to manually track kernel upgrades. I
> hope that patch will be integrated in mainstream fedora kernels soon.
> Regards

I have no idea where the kernel you have came from, but if you're
running x86_64 and you want tickless you'll need to upgrade to Fedora
8.  I don't recall if F7 has tickless for i686 or not, but F8 does for


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