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open-vm-tools (was Re: [Policy Change] Kernel Module...)

Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
At one point (pre Fedora 8), packages containing "addon" kernel modules
were permitted. This is no longer the case. Fedora strongly encourages
kernel module packagers to submit their code into the upstream kernel

Existing kernel module packages must be removed (or merged into the main
kernel package) before Fedora 9.

The reference documentation on how to package kernel modules in the
"kmod" style has been preserved

This change was ratified by FESCo.

In a somewhat ironic turn of event, the new policy coincides with the release of the much anticipated open-vm-tools (http://open-vm-tools.sourceforge.net/), the VMware guest OS tool suite. VMware is doing the right thing here by completely opening up their guest stuff and it's fair to say nobody will miss their Nvidia-style vmware-config-tools.pl script (and the any any updates) :-)

It would be nice to have this in Fedora. The goal being having Fedora fully functional out of the box when installed in a VM.

The review is here:


Philip Langdale says they are aware of the need to push this upstream and will work on it. Eventually (see bugzilla ticket). How actively is unfortunately hard to know for sure. To their defense, they have successfully pushed some of their work upstream in the past, their X.org driver for example.

So how can we make this happen ? Could this be discussed at the next FESCo meeting ?


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