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Hardware check idea

After proposing this in the Fedora irc room I decided to post it to everyone on the list for feedback:

I would like to see an application that would run on windows/osx/linux that would check hardware and see if your mobo/cpu/fans etc will work with the newer kernels and if not what boot commands you may need and what problems these boot commands may cause, it would check against the current top 5 distrobutions kernels, plus the current standard kernel.

 It wouldn't be total hardware like gfx etc, just the core hardware like mobo, cpu, fans as its the hardware that you can't really change (easily) unlike a video card.

I feel this would bring great benefits as it would allow people to see if the newer distrobutions will actually boot with no problems without having to download 700mb live cd images and take all the time and effort to burn the cd and then have to report that it wouldn't boot on a forum.

I have experienced a problem with a kernel update after the 2.6.20 release that the newer distrobutions were using as I couldn't/can't boot without noacpi acpi=off, added to my boot command which causes power management to go bye bye along with my monitor after 15 minutes.

I'm not a great programmer as I've just started, but I would like to see if people think this project is feasible and a good use of developers time and help/learn as much as I could.


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