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Please modify your OpenGL using games to use opengl-games-utils

Hi All,

In preperation for the Games Live DVD, I've created a small bash script which resides in opengl-games-utils, which is meant to be used as a wrapper around OpenGL games. If DRI is available this wrapper does nothing, if it isn't it will show an error dialog, explaining about Free Software and 3D drivers and then exit.

The idea here is that an error dialog is better then trying to click the quit menu option while the mouse is jumping from the right edge of the screen to the left edge (mouse navigation is anything but easy at 3 fps).

This is esp. important for the Games Live DVD, as there people will not have those other <beep> drivers available.

I've already added usage of this wrapper to all my games that are in the kickstart file for the Live DVD, and I will file bugs for this against a couple of the most highprofile games also in the kickstart, in the mean time everyone please check all your games for OpenGL usage and necessary add the wrapper.

Adding the wrapper is _really_ easy:

Add: "Requires: opengl-games-utils"
Add to %install:
"ln -s opengl-game-wrapper.sh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_bindir}/%{name}-wrapper"
Add "%{_bindir}/%{name}-wrapper" to files
Change the .desktop file Exec entry from "%{name}" to "%{name}-wrapper"

This all assumes your main binary name == %{name}, otherwise adapt as necessary.

If you already have a wrapper script for one reason or the other, you can incorperate the checkDriOk function directly into your wrapper, no need todo a wrapper wrapper, see vegastrike's vegastrike-wrapper.sh CVS file as example.



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