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Re: Re: yum update so slow

Lubomir Kundrak wrote:
On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 11:45 +0200, Jochen Schlick wrote:
Hi, I have a laptop where rawhide is installed since the days
of Fedora Core 1. It has only 256MB ram so updating using yum
was always like a lame duck but nowadays it's really a crap.

Last friday the yum update process crashed when yum wants
to update the rpm library package.

  -- and now, this morning after eight hours: 2 packages updated
     (and a glibc error message about a double free...)

Do you have a core dump (well, if you have enough storage, yum is
sometimes too greedy :)?

no, there were no core dumps. but I give it up using yum for updating.
It had updated only 5 packages after 24 hours :-(

  -- with this update "speed" I will have an "up to date" system
     in 12 days... :-(

What I was doing when updating my 128M machine w/o swap was NFS-mounting
its root and updating it on a machine with more memory, or used rpm by
hand. Trying to use yum on that machine would not be smart (yum is
unable to fork itself when trying to run scriptlets).

because yum had successfuly downloaded all necessary rpm I made
a "rpm -Uhv *rpm" in yum's download directory and after an hour
the system was up to date.

best regards

Jochen Schlick

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