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Re: NetworkManager-0.7 can't make new wireless connection

On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 12:25 -0400, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> I have NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.3.svn2852.fc8.  When I pop down the menu
> in nm-applet and select "connect to new wireless network", nothing
> happens.  I would expect a popup menu allowing me to specify a SSID and
> connection protocols, but I get nothing.
> This is a Thinkpad T61 with iwl3945, in case that matters.  Kernel is
> 2.6.23-0.202.rc8.f8, but the issue has occurred ever since the first
> NM-0.7 was pushed, with whatever kernels have been pushed since then.  I
> have set selinux to permissive, so there shouldn't be anything
> preventing access to anything.  One thing is, the SSID I want is hidden,
> and it's the only one in the area.
> Bug?  Or user error?  Anyone have it working?
> Thanks.
> -- 
>                 Matthew Saltzman
> Clemson University Math Sciences
> mjs AT clemson DOT edu
> http://www.math.clemson.edu/~mjs

Not working very well for me since NM 0.7 either. I've got a Dell XPS
M1210 with iwl3945 too.


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