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Re: /etc/hosts and system entries

On Thu, 27 Sep 2007 09:59:16 -0400
Harry Hoffman <hhoffman ip-solutions net> wrote:

> So, /etc/hosts comes setup by default (i.e. after kickstart install)
> # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
> # that require network functionality will fail.
>               localhost.localdomain localhost
> I'm fairly certain to not too long ago (redhat-9 perhaps) the hostname 
> of the system was also added to the localhost entry:
>  my.host.com my localhost.localdomain localhost
> This had the distinct advantage that when apps (i.e. yum-updatesd) sent 
> mail from the system via a mail host then address would appear as:
> root my host com  instead of root localhost com
> Am I remembering correctly, in terms of how I believe it used to be? If 
> so, anyone know why it changed?


Fixed in rawhide.

Why it changed...don't know, but I'll take the blame since I'm responsible for a lot of the network gutting and rewriting in anaconda.  Most likely a mistake on my part.

David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Red Hat / Westford, MA

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