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Re: Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
We gonna start an Rpmfusion Fedora spin giving user
the much wanted/needed media support in Fedora.

With strictly the media support ( ugly-plugins etc. ) and the rpmfusion repo installed,
and excluding AMD and Nvidia drivers
will we need Rename the spin or could it be released under Fedora name
and artwork? * Legal/others

If needed to change the name/artwork would FedoriansFusion be A OK
If naming/artwork is changed could we include the AMD and Nvidia drivers?

Will this be available on fedoraprojects.org as in
will Max Spevack put his money where is mouth is so I quote Max
"So go forth and mix your own Fedora. And then come back and share it with us, and we’ll put it up on the _*Fedora website for others to use also.*_"
ref. ( http://www.redhatmagazine.com/2007/05/31/remixing-fedora-7/ )
Or was this just a pr c...

It would be interesting download stats Fedora VS Fedora with media support :)

If everything is done outside US hosted outside US created outside US how much legal
jibber jabber comes from that ? Not for US residents version of Fedora?

Best regards
Johann B.

Everyone, please take not that Johann is not speaking on behave of the rpmfusion project.



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