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Re: [RFC] /var versus /srv

fre 2007-09-28 klockan 11:41 +0200 skrev Nicolas Mailhot:

> Because /var/ mixes long-term and transient data, generic and
> implementation-specific stuff, local and global data, and makes backup
> stategies a PITA for everything but SOHO contexts.

Yeah, but to be useful you need to really make sure there's _nothing_
in /var that needs to be backed up. I'm not sure that's going to very

A bigger problem is the databases that you can't just back up like
files. You need to ask the application for a consistent dump and pull
that into the backup. Making sure all apps shipped with Fedora can be
backed up by just copying a bunch of files would be a huge plus. This
can achieved in a few different ways. They can dump their contents to
consistent snapshot regularly or on demand. Or they can use several
files for the database (base + copy-on-write). In some cases maybe
filsystem snapshots are the best way to do it. Whatever is appropriate
for the application, just so everyone doesn't have to roll their own.


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