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Re: Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Matthias Saou wrote:
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote :

We gonna start an Rpmfusion Fedora spin giving user
the much wanted/needed media support in Fedora.

My take on this (initially posted to the rpmfusion list) :

"We should not. I think it's just not worth it, especially since it
would have to be called something completely different, and include non
trademarked artwork.

What we need to do is get the feature to use add-on media at
installation time working again in Fedora. I had made a proof of
concept CD with freshrpms packages which could be used with a Fedora
installation a while back, but this has been "broken" ever since
anaconda switched to using yum as a backend (AFAIR).
Work will be better spent on fixing Fedora, that way we can just
provide an add-on CD which could be used at install time and provide
extra categories to pick from in order to install codecs, programs, and
of course enable rpmfusion in yum.

You still need to create the cd.
You still need to provide the cd which my guess is cant be done on fedoraproject.org

That would be the ideal solution that if you have internet connection you could getting it from there or just choose it in Anaconda ( User provided with some disclaimer accepts it, his responsibility viola ), Guess legal has problem with that other wise I guess it would have been implemented already..

Regarding adding more cd's or *additional cd's* I think is step backwards.
( Any one remembering happy multi floppy diskette time debian/slackware what was it around 10 -15 diskettes But then again I could be the only one who expirienced Bad Sectors through out the years. )

Best regards
              Johann B.


Johann B. Gudmundsson. RHCE,CCSA
Unix System Engineer.
IT Management.
Reiknistofnun University of Iceland.
Taeknigardi, Dunhaga 5.			Email:		johannbg hi is
IS-107 Reykjavik.			Phone:		+354-525-4267
Iceland. Fax: +354-552-8801
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