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Re: Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Mike McGrath wrote:
Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:57:08 +0000
""Jóhann B. Guðmundsson"" <johannbg hi is> wrote:

Will this be available on fedoraprojects.org as in
will Max Spevack put his money where is mouth is so I quote Max
"So go forth and mix your own Fedora. And then come back and share it with us, and we’ll put it up on the _*Fedora website for others to
use also.*_"
ref. ( http://www.redhatmagazine.com/2007/05/31/remixing-fedora-7/ )
Or was this just a pr c...

Remix implies that you take the package set and do something
interesting with it, not just add a bunch of stuff from outside
Fedora.  Furthermore, regardless of location, Fedora isn't interested
in patent encumbered software, as it's not free for /everybody/.  It's
entirely uninteresting to promote such a thing.

The Fedora-unity re-spins could be posted on fedoraprojects.org
along with the official img right?

Here's the current process. We're still working out the process but nothing has been approved yet (we just got this page up there yesterday afternoon)



Ok so let's take it step by step from the normal user...

Even if he's familiar with other tools to created the images whatever they might be he knows that the image gets dropped since it he's not using the official Fedora remixing tools. ( Not looking at the quality of the final product/outcome but automatically dropping it since it was not
build using official Fedora remixing tools )

So he study s he reads he learns, and finally masters Pungi,LiveCD Creator and Revisor.
Don't know how much time it takes for an normal user do to  that  but
let's say he stays focused through out the process.

Happy as he is after all his work reading testing and all
he now can start building his own favorite Fedora spin that he wants to share with the rest of the world
or his fellow Fedorians.

He starts his normal package selection he wants this and he doesn't want that and let's give him that he manages to go through that without his package constantly being pulled back in due to dependency.
His package selection has now been successfully finished.

For the finishing but vital touch for the him, his look, his feel, his view of the world, HIS theme and look in Gnome or KDE, because he wants to brag about how *COOL* his desktop looks but then he realizes that his icons, desktop image and window manager themes cant be used since he pulled it from gnome-look or kde-look or he created the theme/icons/background image himself and since his theme was not in the official repo he knows is spins gets rejected. Since he had put all that work in this already.. he's stubborn and decides to send his *final product his spin* to the release engineers.

He was lucky he was the first of 1000 Fedorians that wanted to share their spins with each other so the release engineers actually could spare the little time they have from working on the official Fedora to review his spin and yes it is as technically Fedora as possible and he gets an pass, yea he thinks yes, it's not all for nothing, now for the board will they approve,
Can he use Fedora trademarks?  He can....

But But.. He had forgotten to learn how to create kickstart file, after all this work, so close yet so far... He study s, he reads, he learns, he MASTERS kickstart.. ant the beautiful kickstart script is born

He gives the much needed kickstart script to the not so busy release engineers ( tho they are getting overloaded they seem to have less and less time to focus on Fedora itself.. ) It gets approved, It is there.. His work has now made it to the spins.fedoraproject.org he brags, points. spreads the word, look there it is there's my spin of Fedora.... It hits all the internet news websites, users from all over the world start downloading and installing, the first spin ever to be released on spins.fedoraproject.org. and whats the outcome it's is an web browser, an email client, and an office suite with no media support in theme that was so far from the user ideas as possible. A major flop, the reviews go in, user reads it, graps the next shot gun and kills himself.

If this spins project is ever gonna work for both developers and users. the upload process of the spins have to be done without any reviews.

Since the user is restricted to "Fedora ways" and the outcome can always be calculated you can take md5 some or some other thing of each package(s) + that with another package(s) store all the possible variation in a database, create a spins, Create a spin dump directory on the web server. let the user have an FC account which they have to authenticate against and after log in aka in their fedora account, there would be an option to upload an spin. When they are gonna upload a spin, they are asked to put an description of the spin(s) and the sum of the spin packages which is then match to the all possible sums in the database and voila. Release engingeers can focus on their work, users dont have go through "reviews" to be approved.. everybody is happy or as they can be ( except of no media support in their spins )..

Think more then 1 user people  how  where  you gonna handle 10000 of spins,
or this being develop of not being used and popular...

Best regards.
                 Johann B.


Johann B. Gudmundsson. RHCE,CCSA
Unix System Engineer.
IT Management.
Reiknistofnun University of Iceland.
Taeknigardi, Dunhaga 5.			Email:		johannbg hi is
IS-107 Reykjavik.			Phone:		+354-525-4267
Iceland. Fax: +354-552-8801
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