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Re: [RFC] /var versus /srv

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On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 07:13:05 -0600
Richi Plana <myfedora richip dhs org> wrote:

> On Fri, 2007-09-28 at 14:09 +0200, Alexander Boström wrote:
> > fre 2007-09-28 klockan 12:41 +0200 skrev Benny Amorsen:
> > 
> > > There's no reason to have the spurious lib there.
> > 
> > The reasoning behind /srv/lib is that it's relatively unlikely to
> > already be in use and it is similar in purpose and look to /usr/lib
> > and /var/lib. Remember, you're adding structure to a directory that
> > has previously been marked as open territory. Thread lightly.
> "lib" does not make any sense. It didn't for /var/lib/(www|
> mysql|<whatever>) and it certainly doesn't for /srv.

Agreed.  After all "lib" is short for "library", is it not?  What does "library" have to do with, well, anything that's currently found under the /var/lib/ directory?
> If collision avoidance is what you're interested in, name
> it /srv/fedora[(-services)]/<packagename> or something. Personally,
> I'm fine with anything. The sanity that administering and maintaining
> systems that moving data to /srv brings is enough to satisfy me.
> As for ensuring that all the data that needs long-term storage be
> moved from /var: I don't see how that could be hard, but it will be a
> long, drawn-out process. Definitely worth the effort, though.

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