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Re: Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Douglas McClendon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
(The following really has been asked and answered in numerous times before...)

But technology and published legal guidelines change...

Not every other week in this context.

C. An respin with no affiliation with Red Hat/Fedora is made that include
   the "questionable packages and repos" and the user does not have to
   do any work from his half ( work out of the box solution )

If this is done, it should be rebranded and not called Fedora.

'should' is one of those words...

By my reading of the current trademark guidelines (before they disappeared from


it is totally possible (with a little initrd guru-dom) to repackage the fedora-8-livecd iso (other isos too, but I'll use this as an example), such that mp3 and rpmfusion(or other arbitrary repos) work 'out of the box'.

I believe you are incorrect in this reading given everything I heard on this topic so far.


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