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Re: Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Douglas McClendon wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Douglas McClendon wrote:


Please tell me how my above thoeretical repackaging of fedora does not fall into this *very* explicitly permitted scenario.

The permissions listed was done IIRC to OEM's to do post install modifications such as ship a optional repository of software. The guidelines are a living document and written to state the Fedora Project's position on various things. If they are exploited to do things, Fedora Project does not endorse, they can and will be modified to not permit those activities.

IMO, modifying Fedora to offer Free software with patent restrictions or

I don't think you fully understood what I was describing, or the
specific permissions involved.

I meant modification is a broader sense and not just patching some specific software. At any rate, the guidelines must reflect project goals and not vice versa. What you want to do IMO definitely falls outside the scope of the project and must not retain the Fedora name. Now it is upto to Fedora Project Board and Red Hat legal to determine what's acceptable. Let's leave it at that.


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