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Re: Summary of my Fedora 9 Boot Time Testing

On 02/04/2008, Harald Hoyer <harald redhat com> wrote:
> F9 Beta install -> yum update
>  Boot time: 55s
>  Turning off all services, but the most needed for an internet connected
> desktop, saves 4s from 12.5s service boot time. IMO not worth the loss of
> functionality.

55s - 12.5s = 42.5s

42.5s from boot manager to rc5 if I understand it correctly. Strange!

Here is a worst case scenario on my machine 30s to rc5

>  Turning off rhgb saves 6s. Eyecandy or faster booting? I take the 6s.
> Thanks.
>  Turning off selinux and related services saves 10s overall boot time.
> Trading off security with boot time. I don't know. But maybe a good starting
> point for optimization.

Fedora has wonderful security features. I tuned boot time to 29s
without disabling them.


>  Also a good point to look at is nash and module handling and compiling some
> modules in the kernel, which are hardware independent and not needed as a
> module.
>  In the end, I had 12s for kernel and nash, 8s rc.sysinit including 5s udev
> and 8.5s for services until X11 starts.
>  So long and happy booting...
>  Harald


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