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Re: Fedora Windows Migration Tool

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 1:35 PM, Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin ncsu edu> wrote:
>  Then we have the victory issue. "Hey, Fedora is great! Now I want to get
> rid of my Windows partition." Solvable but not free of charge. This does
> save the actual time cost of mirroring though, which is significant
> considering that if the user is frequently switching we have to check for
> updates to the windows side at every login.

You mirror when they are ready to nuke one OS or the other. That's a
relatively simple problem to solve,,because its essentially a backup
and everyone should be backing up personal data that they care about
already.  You backup your personal data o external storage right?

Synced mirroring while both are in use is uhm...a lot of wasted disk
writes. Sure you can do it... the unison tool exists...but its not
really appropriate beyond running backups because while your syncing
you'll notice a disk performance hit.  I wouldn't want unison to be
running on my dual boot laptop for instance, stealing my battery life
or my disk performance trying to keep my porn collection synced across
two partitions. And I wouldn't leave my laptop on overnight just to
let the sync perform either.

Take your pick.. is the usage scenario user is leaving windows for
good.. or is the usage scenario continued dual boot with a shared data
space? Very different problems.

>  I think this is/has been proposed here, but it is a good idea to begin
> offering the feature at install time, as well as make it continuously
> available post-install.

Because making something available in the install process is be
definition a higher bar to meet than making it available for use as a
post-install administration task because the installer process can not
and will not expose all possible administration actions. The install
space is constrained to be a subset of customization space  First get
it working as a general administration task, then worry about exposing
it in the install process.  Don't build it targeting the installer and
setting expectations inappropriately.


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