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Re: [reopen]Re: mock 0.8.9 will not build anything

Michael E Brown schrieb:
On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 02:26:28PM +0100, Frank Büttner wrote:
Michael E Brown schrieb:
We intend to upgrade mock in EPEL5 to 0.9.x come Feb. The dependencies
are now all mostly available. Python-ctypes is in the -testing
repository for EPEL-5.

The fedora builders are all running RHEL5 with this version, so it is
well-tested. If you want to use it, grab the mock 0.9.x SRPM from fedora
rawhide and rebuild it and grab the python-ctypes RPM from epel testing

All of the configs in 0.9.x have been tested. ccache is disabled in all
of the configs where it is not available in the upstream repos.
Now we have March, but I can't see any new version. Can you tell me the status??

I built 0.9.7 for EPEL5 either earlier this week or late last week. It
takes a while before it goes from EPEL testing repo to the prod repo.

Hello again,

today the new one mock-0.9.7-1.el5 was released, but now an simply
mock -r epel-4-i386 -v --init for example will fail.
No output at the command line an no cache is build:(

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