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Importing .ps files into something! (OOo question)


I have a number of files that I've managed to rescue from an old machine (uses
a totally different OS and very old software) by printing the docs to a file.

The .ps files work fine, can be printed, converted to pdf and even imported
into Scribus. I've hit some problems though.

1. I can't edit them. OpenOffice won't import them, neither will kword or
gnome-office. Scribus will import them, but will only export as svg or a
scribus document.

2. If I convert them to a pdf and then use pdf2html the images come out ok,
but the text in the html files is completely garbled. It doesn't matter which
backwards version flag I use, I get rubbish out. The -c(omplex) flag also
produces nothing. I have all of the ghostscript fonts and bits installed.

Is there anything out there that I can import the .ps files into and then
export as an OpenOffice compatible file which will allow me to edit the text?



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