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Bug triage - what is going to be achieved?


this morning I checked my mailbox and there were many messages from
bugzilla. But after inspection nothing interesting was there, only
bogus from some stupid bot. I'm not sure what is main purpose for that
bot but I think when some bug is open for long time maintainer is
responsible for closing and if he didn't close it it means that is
still exist. Now after this "feature" I have to waste with my time and
move all bugs from NEEDINFO state to ASSIGNED because they are
features and I haven't got time for them yet or they are low-priority
bugs. I think this bot should be removed as soon as possible before he
creates chaos in bugzilla. Or at least add component list whose bugzillas
should not be touched. I'm going to be the first person whose packages
will be on that list.

Regards, Adam

Adam Tkac, Red Hat, Inc.

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