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Re: bugzilla triage madness :-/

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le vendredi 04 avril 2008 à 05:41 -0700, Andrew Farris a écrit :

But what could be gained from trying to solve bugs in software that is long modified to be unrecognizable from the state it was in then...

Packaging problems persist even if the underlying software was updated
many times.

Maybe, but not necessarily. Lots of packaging issues get solved without a bug and it may have just been overlooked when it was solved. How is anyone going to know this without spending an inordinate amount of time deciding if the old bug still exists? Who is better equipped to do that than the original reporter? If they don't have time, fine... let the bug get closed.

Next time do not flood reporters flood component owners (with a 'can we
close this yes/no ?' if no answer do not close is assumed) since
component owners are the ones asking to push stuff under the carpet and
should at least perform some activity to get their wish.

It is the component owners and packagers that already are flooded with too many old bugs to get through, now you suggest they get requests for individual attention on each? That sounds like a great plan for Congress, not for open source.

Anyway the damage is done, decent reporters will forgive the bug zapping
project this time but you've just expended your error budget and will
need to win a lot of credibility back before another mistake is

Either you as a bug reporter value your time and effort spent helping this project or you don't; quite honestly this is nonsense, if you think you're making a difference in the product you'll keep doing what is needed, if not you'll stop. Getting a few bugs closed is not a viable argument for either choice.

Its regrettable that some bugs got left behind when they did, but a bug filed against 'rawhide' in 2006 is obviously obselete and you know this.

A bug filled against rawhide in 2000 which had a comment in february
2008 is obviously not obsolete. What counts is activity not date of

Yes.. but the system of designating bugs stale was not in place in Feb. Its a new change being made in the workflow; you cannot assume with a script that the change in feb meant something useful (i.e. keep this open). The script has to decide what to do based on something deterministic.

This isn't rocket science, and if bug reporters (of which I am one, don't get angry at me because its misplaced) were paying attention they would know that bugs will be placed in NEEDINFO and closed if they stay that way. All a reporter, or commenter on the bug, needs to do is get the bug out of NEEDINFO state by supplying the needed info. If that is nothing more than a comment 'its still an issue in f8' then thats all that should be done.

A comment made on a bug in feb, which is an old bug, could have been something like 'hey why is this still open?' and the script would have to understand english (and some people's partial english and internet slang) in order to guess... I'm hoping you're willing to toss that 'patch' to the bug triage team in the next day or two.

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