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Re: Fedora (again) forces me to disable SELinux

Matej Cepl wrote:
Then we have this program called system-config-selinux (how unusal name for the system configuration program in Fedoraland, isn't it? Yes, it is new in Fedora 8, before that it had different name). And if you switch to "Booleans" table and write "samba" in the search box, what do you see? "Support SAMBA home directories" and many other samba related switches (I am not sure which way your sharing of /home directories goes, so I am not sure, which is the best for you). Hmm, isn't that interesting?

To be fair, even if you toggle those booleans right now you might have problems getting home directories to share, or worse yet you might toggle those OFF and still have your home being shared while you can't manage to get other shares to work. (my current predicament)

Something is not quite right, but I haven't had the time to dig enough and get a good bug report on it.

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