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Rawhide x64 running status 4/5/08

While running rawhide system currently, there seem to be just couple
issues I see, not knowing if known or not already..

1 - When shutting down, it seems to stop at "Stopping quotas" and
doesn't continue, just sits there.

2 - When booting up, it gets to starting anacron (somewhat deep into the
latter part of the services), and sits there a bit, then finally
continues on.  I think it's getting ready to start NM and takes a while
or something?  The message that comes up is real fast, then the UI comes
up. But anyway, reason mentioning it, is it seems to be slow to do
whatever it is doing.

3 - I used to use /etc/rc.local to mount my nfs partitions at boot up,
which I guess used the local service with initscripts?  So going to
upstart (sp?), what is the equivolent as rc.local or something the like?
I do NOT want automount so that isnt' an option.  I want it mounted perm
on boot (just in case that was going to be brought up).

Mike Chambers
Fedora Project - Ambassador, Bug Zapper, Tester, User, etc..
mikec302 fedoraproject org

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